Grayson Highlands

Date: April 19th
Day: 39
Miles from Springer: 542.7
Miles to Katahdin: 1646.5
Morale: 5/5


Grayson Highlands state park was the most beautiful section of trail so far. Not only were there bald summits and views, but there were feral ponies everywhere you looked. We ascended Mount Rodgers (the highest point in Virginia) in the rain and fog. There were no views to be had, and we were worried that we were going to miss one of the most sonic sections of the entire A.T. The next morning, we were treated with amazing views above the clouds. It was the start to a wonderful day of views.





The stretch from Damascus to Atkins (where I am writing from now) included the famous partnership shelter. It is a two story shelter with showers and pizza hut delivery. There were lots of hikers there, and we had a blast. We made the easy twelve miles into town in time to get lunch at The Barn resturant. The lunch was okay, but the dessert was delicious. It was hot fudge cake, two pieces of warm cake with ice cream in the middle and whipped cream on top.


QOTP: “A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles.” -Tim Cahill


6 thoughts on “Grayson Highlands

  1. Elliot-I have been enjoying your posts and photos. What a great time you must be having! Not that you need any advice, but if I were you I would turn one of those horses into a locomotive and ride it to Maine! I swear the book and photos you take will pay for your masters degree! Best wishes, Brian


  2. Donna and I just got back from a week in St. Croix. No ponies, but good desserts. We watched the sunrise on Earth Day from Point Udall, “the eastern most point in the U.S.” Some Mainers might have a bone to pick with that one.


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