Halfway! (Sorta)

Date: May 19th, 2015
Day: 69
Miles from Springer: 1022.8
Miles to Katahdin: 1166.4
Morale: 5/5


The biggest ones’s done! Yesterday afternoon I finally crossed the Virginia State line. After five-hundred forty-four miles, Virginia was beginning to grow on me, however I am extremely excited to be moving on into the northern states at last.

There are only about nine miles of trail in West Virginia, and they aren’t even all in a row. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy Headquarters is in Harper’s Ferry, WV. It is considered the psychological halfway point of the trail, even though the actual halfway point is a little more than seventy miles away. One in four thru-hikers who start from Springer make it to Katahdin. Nine in ten thru-hikers who make it to Harper’s Ferry will make it to Katahdin. The odds are on my side now, not that I had any doubts before. It’s time to cruise through some states.


I have been seeing lots of turtles lately. They are pretty cute. Until next time, adiós!


4 thoughts on “Halfway! (Sorta)

  1. Enjoy the Half-gallon challenge, eat a half-gallon of ice cream in one sitting….It’s great to see you had the opportunity to fulfill a life time goal….Keep on hiking……


  2. Halfway! That’s amazing! I was just up near Katahdin this past weekend and it really hit home what an incredible journey you are on. The mountain domineered the landscape for miles as we approached it. There is still a lot of snow up there. The Tablelands are covered.
    We are loving your posts! Thank you for taking us on the trail with you!


  3. Good pics. Thanks for the blog postings. I still have not ruled out the dream of a thru hike. My last AT overnight was 15 years ago with my very whiney 12 year old son. He’s now 27 and has finally realized his dad may not be the biggest jerk he knows.

    Yours is one of several blogs posted by thru hikers that I am jealously following. Bad knees and old age may be too much to overcome but you never say never and never give up. Have you seen anyone on the trail using a pack trailer to either pull or push their load? It may be the answer to weight vs physical limitation. Good luck and I look forward to your trip thru WV, MD and PA. And oh, when you get to the section in PA between Hawk Mountain and RT 309, think of the whining 12 year old watching his dad cross the rocks with 40 pounds on his back.


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