Halfway! (Sorta)

Date: May 19th, 2015
Day: 69
Miles from Springer: 1022.8
Miles to Katahdin: 1166.4
Morale: 5/5


The biggest ones’s done! Yesterday afternoon I finally crossed the Virginia State line. After five-hundred forty-four miles, Virginia was beginning to grow on me, however I am extremely excited to be moving on into the northern states at last.

There are only about nine miles of trail in West Virginia, and they aren’t even all in a row. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy Headquarters is in Harper’s Ferry, WV. It is considered the psychological halfway point of the trail, even though the actual halfway point is a little more than seventy miles away. One in four thru-hikers who start from Springer make it to Katahdin. Nine in ten thru-hikers who make it to Harper’s Ferry will make it to Katahdin. The odds are on my side now, not that I had any doubts before. It’s time to cruise through some states.


I have been seeing lots of turtles lately. They are pretty cute. Until next time, adiĆ³s!